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March 2020

Vacation Day and Half Day Programs

We provide very close adult supervision on all of our field trips.
On outings such as these, we will have at least one adult for every 6 children.

Important Trip Details


All Vacation Day Programs meet at Bauer Center in Taylor Park in downtown Millburn (except where noted)

Morning Arrival Time: As early as 8:00 a.m. and until, but no later than, 9:30 am. Breakfast served during this time.

Return Time: Approximately 6:00 p.m. at Bauer Center

Fee: $125/day for sign-up by the Friday of the week before.

Fee: $140 for same week sign-up.

Fee includes 10 hours childcare, breakfast, lunch, snacks, transportation & activity fees.

Cancellation Fee: $65 charged for cancellation after Friday before the trip or no-shows.


We gather at Glenwood School in the usual method except earlier in the day, upon Early Dismissal.

Approximate Return Time & Evening Pick-up from Glenwood School: 6:00 p.m.
Transportation: School bus
Fee: $70 sign-up by the Friday of the week before includes 5 plus hours of childcare, lunch, snacks, transportation, admission and activity fees.

$85 for same week sign-up.

Cancellation Fee of $35 charged for cancellation after Friday before the trip or no-shows.

Trips & Events

All Half Day trips:  Depart: Glenwood School with Pick-up: Glenwood School on Tuesday only

Event Information:

  • Wed

    Rizzo’s Wildlife World, Flanders, NJ

    Return 6 PMEarly Dismissal Day

    We will have a nice lunch at Glenwood before departing, in order to have enough time to see and experience as much wildlife as possible. We will have presentations, learn about and get up close and personal with invertebrates, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. This is a very accessible and personalized experience. We will have a chance to handle many of the animals.

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What's New?

Welcome to our SAM Inc. web site. We hope you like it and come back often. We're working hard to make it as useful to you as possible.

We've prorated the registration fee for students joining the PM and drop-in programs for the rest or the academic year. The registration fee is reduced to $75 for the rest of the academic year. The registration fee for drop-in students is now $50 for the rest of the academic year.

We've just added a photo gallery! It shows our Arts & Crafts and our recent trips and events. We'll be adding more to it shortly. Click here to check it out.

The trip brochure and listing for March are now posted. You can sign up for the trip on line.