COVID-19 Preparedness

SAM Inc. takes the health of its students and staff seriously.


FALL 2020

 SAM will follow all safety guidelines and protocols put in place by the Millburn Restart and Recovery Plan.

 In order for your child to be ready for SAM, please review and explain all precautions that they need to take, i.e. working at their desk, eating and drinking, going to the bathroom, and playing inside and outside.

 Drop Off & Pickup at SAM

 Unfortunately at this time, parents are not permitted inside the building. Please carefully read the below protocols for all drop-offs and pickups at SAM.

Daily Health Checklist

Daily health checklist must be completed each morning before your child comes in the building. It is consistent with the CDC recommendation and we have made it very simple, quick and easy to complete. We recommend that you bookmark the address for easy access each morning. You may find it by clicking here.


To drop off your student, please drive into the parking lot and pull up along the sidewalk. Please remain in the car. A SAM staff member will approach the car to greet you and your child. Upon the start of each day, students and staff will both need to answer and certify a daily health check questionnaire before being allowed to enter the building. Temperatures of each student and staff will be taken at the start of each day before entering the building. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4° or higher will not be permitted in the building.


At the end of each day, students will be escorted outside and dismissed from the sidewalk in the parking lot. If you would like to speak with a SAM staff member, please park your car and meet the staff on the sidewalk. Please be sure to have a mask on.

Health and Safety

Face Coverings

Masks are required by all students and staff when inside the school building. Bandanas and gaiters are not considered suitable face coverings.

Hand Washing

Students will wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds when first arriving, during bathroom breaks, before and after lunch and snacks, and after recess. Students will also be required to wash their hands after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing. Staff will supervise students during hand washing. Hand washing guidelines and signage will be posted in strategic locations throughout our rooms. Breaks will be provided for hand washing throughout the day. Use of paper towels to dry hands will be used in bathrooms. No hand dryers will be used. Hand sanitizer wipes will be used in instances where hand washing may not be practical.

 Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers will be at least 60 % percent alcohol based. Hand sanitizer stations will be positioned in the multipurpose room and gym. Hand sanitizers will be located in each pod. Students are encouraged to use them when moving to different sections of the day.

Social Distancing

Students will maintain the recommended 6 feet social distancing to the maximum extent possible. Adjustments to social distancing will be made if guidance from the CDC or DOH changes due to shifting public health data or evolving understanding of COVID-19 disease, including transmission. Physical guides such as tape on floors will be used in the multipurpose room, and gym to help ensure that staff and students remain socially distanced in common areas.

 COVID-19 Symptoms and Sickness

Parents are encouraged to be alert for signs of illness and keep children home when sick. If your child gets sick at school, they will be safely isolated until picked up by a parent.

If any student shows symptoms of a fever of 100.4° or higher, student is to remain home until there is no fever for 24 hours without medication.

If a student or teacher test positive for COVID-19, health officials will provide direction on how to proceed safely. Positive COVID-19 cases will be asked to self-isolate and not return back to school until a note is provided by a doctor giving approval to safely return.

As required by the state of NJ, SAM shall immediately notify their county department of health and the DCF Office of Licensing of any known or suspected COVID-19 exposure in the program facility. All guidelines stated in Millburn Restart and Recovery Plan will be put in place to monitor COVID-19 contact and illnesses.

Learning with Social Distancing

SAM will be held in the multipurpose room and gym. Both rooms are large with high ceilings, equipped with AC, and have ventilation to the outside. The multipurpose room and gym will be divided to create sections where groups of 4-6 students and one staff member will be placed. Desks will be arranged with students 6 feet apart and will face the same direction.

Students will have the support of staff during their online instruction with individual guidance throughout the day. We are aiming to group students of the same grade in the same group. Where possible, students of the same grade and same school will be placed in the same group. Furthermore, when students have the same teacher they will be placed in the same group. If necessary, children of similar grades will be placed In a group. SAM will supply sufficient school materials so that there will be no sharing of common school supplies.

All staff and children will wear masks when in the school building. Face covering breaks will be provided throughout the day in places where social distancing can be maintained, such as outside or in classroom with windows/door open to the outside. When a staff member is assisting a child individually, they will also be equipped with a face shield.

Food and Beverage

Prior to and after lunch and snack time, all students will be required to wash their hands. Only staff will be permitted in the kitchen and will wear mask and gloves. SAM will provide individually portioned snacks to be given out during snack time. Staff will deliver snacks to each child. Their will be no self service or family style snack service. Students should bring lunch with them daily. Students will eat lunch and snack while maintaining social distancing requirements. Weather permitting, students will be able to eat lunch and snack outside at picnic tables or on social distanced individual mats. All tables/mats/surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized between each meal.

Water fountains will be closed. All students are asked to bring a filled reusable water bottle with them to school daily. Water refills will be provided through the day.

Recess & Outdoor Play

Students will be supervised for all outdoor play. Students will stay in small groups for recess. If two or more groups are participating in recess at the same time, there will be at least ten feet of open space between each group. The use of the various playground features will be staggered. Staff will supervise their students to stay six feet apart and within their group. When these social distancing guidelines cannot be adhered to all teachers and students will be required to wear masks.

If requested, students can wear gloves during recess. If you would like your child to wear gloves, please send them with your child. If you would like your child to wear their mask during outdoor time, please let us know by email.

All teachers and students will be required to wash their hands after any outdoor play before returning to their desk.


Staff will take two students at a time to the bathroom. All bathroom visits will be supervised. Masks are required at all times when traveling around the school building and while in the bathroom. Every other bathroom stall will be blocked off to allow for social distancing. Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day. Staff and students will be required to wash and disinfect their hands after bathroom use.


Every morning and afternoon, staff will wipe down desk, tables, and chairs. Door handles will be disinfected regularly. Staff will be handling all doors. Staff will clean indoor and outdoor toys daily and after each use. At the end of the day, all toys will be cleaned and disinfected for the next day. Communal toys will be divided into containers for individual use. Once a student has used that container/toy, it will be removed until it has been disinfected.

School custodians will be on premise. They will clean the bathrooms throughout the day. As always they will routinely clean our rooms at the end of each day.

Protocols and Procedures

Social distancing and hand washing signs will be posted throughout the gym and multipurpose room. Hand washing signs will also be posted in the bathroom. Use of cloth face coverings to stop the spread of covid-19 reminders will be posted throughout our area as well. All COVID-19 policies and procedures will be available on site. Staff and Students must abide by all protocols and procedures at all times.

Parents and SAM staff will work together to make SAM remote learning space a safe and happy environment for all students.


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