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In Our 30th Year!!


Deerfield, Glenwood, Hartshorn, South Mountain and Wyoming Elementary Schools, The Washington School and Millburn Middle School


SAM stands for Students After-school in Millburn. It is a fun, comfortable place to go Before or After school to enjoy a good time, great food, friends, hobbies, sports and to complete homework with assistance and supervision. SAM, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation which runs SAM, a safe, supervised, organized and nurturing school-based child care program exclusively for Millburn Township students. The SAM program is licensed by the State of New Jersey.

The SAM programs began in 1995 and were the result of a cooperative effort among parents, the PTOs, the middle and elementary schools and the Millburn Township Board of Education.

WHAT is Wonderful and Unique About SAM?

SAM is Focused Only on Millburn Students

SAM is not part of a chain of day cares. SAM’s only job and mission is to provide service to the families in our town, customized to the particular needs, demands and schedules of our families, the rigors of our school system and to our eager, bright children.

We Have Been Operating for 29 Years

SAM has a 29 year history of serving Millburn Township and of refining our program to give families what they need in child care and support. Children love SAM and return year after year.

Wonderful Atmosphere

Our atmosphere is one of joyful belonging for each child. Because of the staff ratio, the quality of the staff and our philosophy, there is an environment of love and acceptance. There are no exclusionary procedures or activities, no “favorites” and virtually no arguing or unruliness.

SAM is a Non-Profit Organization

SAM is a non-profit organization. Every dollar we receive goes to provide superior staff, food, supplies, events and trips and to be able to be flexible for parents. We do not hold back any money for commissions or profit.

We Meet at One Location

We gather in one central location rather than several small sites to keep our programming strong. A very nice extra benefit of having all students in one location is that the children develop friendships with students from other parts of town. This significantly eases the transition to the Fifth Grade Academy at Washington School.

Flexible Scheduling

Our scheduling is 100%, up-to-the-minute flexible, with no extra charges for changes and no requirement to book the changes in advance. We have no flat rates - you pay only for the days of the month that you schedule. We can accommodate almost every kind of child care need and every kind of schedule.

Outstanding Staff

Our staff is outstanding. All of our staff is college educated and many are teachers in our own schools. Our turnover rate is almost nil. Many have been at SAM for more than 15 years. Our group is dedicated, supportive and fond of each other and the children. You will feel this every time you come in.

High Staff to Student Ratio

Our teacher to child ratio is at least 1 teacher for each 6 children. This far exceeds state standards and most, if not all, other establishments.

Homework Help & Tutoring

Homework is a hallmark of SAM. We believe in taking a parent’s role in ensuring that the child has understood the subject and has completed the assignment. Homework is conducted in a classroom with a small group of about 10 children with 2 teachers. Much individual attention is given to make sure your child understands the assignment and can complete it. Our teachers explain the work and help on the subject as your child needs. We also have Early Homework for children leaving early or those that need extra time.

Nutritious Mini-meal

SAM snack is a small, well balanced, 3 part meal, which includes a fruit or vegetable daily. All allergy and dietary restrictions are observed. This mini-meal sustains your children through the long gap between lunch and dinner.

Activities Supervised by Teachers

Activities, such as gym, art, chess and cooking are conducted in a live, hands-on manner. The activities are lead and taught by teachers and other qualified staff. None of our activities are modules or kits in a box, which are designed to be done by the child alone.

Do Not Worry If You are Late

No need to ever worry if you are delayed. We will stay with your child until you arrive, no matter what time it is. We do not charge if you are occasionally a few minutes late. Fees for extended care are very reasonable.

Popular Field Trips

SAM runs fun and enriching field trips on all Early Dismissal Days (Half Days) and many Vacation Days throughout the year. The programs run until 6:00 in the evening. On Half Days, we go out for lunch and a local activity such as gymnastics, mini-golf, hiking, Funplex and more. Vacation Day Programs begin at 8:00 am and include breakfast, lunch and wonderful destinations such as Seashore Ecology, Broadway Shows, Boardwalk and rides and many others. These trips are open to both SAM and non-SAM students.

Special Fun Events

In addition to our numerous Field Trips, SAM holds many iconic, hugely popular events during the year. We start with Back to School Outdoor and Water Games and go on to Bingo Bonanza, Halloween Pinata Party, Trick or Treating, February Dance and Jump Party, visit to Strawberry Festival and the grand finale, our Talent Show and BBQ with the Township's Senior Citizens.

Bus to SAM from Other Schools

There is no extra charge for the bus ride from school to SAM. Your child will board the same bus that drops other students home and will then go on to SAM, your "home away from home."

Sibling & Financial Need Discounts

We offer large sibling discounts and work with families who have financial difficulty.

Staff Paid Professional Wages

All of our staff is paid a wage as close as possible to what their profession deserves. We hire very carefully and observe the fit for the job over months before offering a permanent position. We train our staff closely over their first year. Our staff retention rate is uniquely high.

WHO Goes to SAM?

Students: Millburn Townships school students from kindergarten through middle school. The program is run family style, though everyone usually makes their closest friends with others near to their age. Most activities are done in smaller groups of children similar in age and interest.

Staff: SAM is staffed by a director, program supervisor, certified teachers and teacher assistants with guest instructors for special activities. There is approximately one adult for every 5-7 children.

Schedule: Flexible scheduling is offered. While most students attend on a regular ongoing basis, short-term and occasional attendance is permitted. The program runs until 6:30 pm and extended care is available.


SAM is held for all township students at Glenwood Elementary School. The program has use of this fine building, including the gym, multipurpose room, playground, playing fields, computer lab and library.

HOW do students get to SAM?

Transportation after school from Millburn Middle School, The Washington School and Deerfield, Hartshorn, South Mountain and Wyoming Elementary Schools to Glenwood School is provided on school buses.

WHAT do students do at SAM?

School day afternoons: Afternoons begin with recess to relax after the school day. This is followed by a generous, tasty and healthy “mini-meal” snack. After the snack, homework time is conducted each afternoon Monday – Thursday. Children do their daily homework with help available from the teachers and company from their friends. Having no work left to do in the evening is wonderful for students and their parents. Activities following homework include sports, outdoor play, sophisticated arts and crafts classes, chess, computers, many toys and games and weekly fun events.  Friday afternoons are less structured with sports, fun, cooking classes, and video game competitions.

There are also many special occasions during the year. We have events like trips, parties, movies, game tournaments, game show days, trick-or-treating and performing community service.

The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders also have an opportunity to work at SAM, and acquire skills and responsibility as teachers’ helpers.

HOW about Early Dismissal Days and Vacation Days?

Early Dismissal (Half Days): On these days, we meet at the end of school (before lunch) and go out in the local area for lunch like pizza, pasta, or burgers and an activity like movies, bowling or Funplex.

School Vacation Days: We meet in the morning at Bauer Center in Taylor Park. We have breakfast, play in the rec center and park and then go out for lunch and a trip. In the past, for example, we have gone to amusement parks, farms, snow tubing, eco/nature outings, boat rides, the circus and Broadway shows.


What's New?

Welcome to our SAM Inc. web site. We hope you like it and come back often. We're working hard to make it as useful to you as possible.

Registration  is now open. Click here to register. You may also sign up for SAM trips. There is a vacation day trip on September 25.