9/5/20231st Day1st Day
9/25/2023ClosedFull Day Trip/Program
10/9/2023Closed (Professional Development)Full Day Trip/Program
11/1/2023Delayed Opening (Prof. Development)Extended AM Program (Glenwood kids)
11/6/2023Early Dismissal (K-5 only)Half Day Program (K-5)
11/7/2023Early Dismissal (K-5 only)Half Day Program (K-5)
11/8/2023Early Dismissal (K-5 only)Half Day Program (K-5)
11/9/2023Closed (NJEA Convention)Full Day Trip/Program
11/10/2023Closed (NJEA Convention)Full Day Trip/Program
11/22/2023Early Dismissal (Thanksgiving)Half Day Program
11/23/2023Closed (Thanksgiving)Closed
11/24/2023Closed (Thanksgiving)Closed
12/4/2023Delayed Opening (Prof. Development)Extended AM Program (Glenwood kids)
12/22/2023Early Dismissal (Winter Recess)Half Day Program
12/25/22-1/1/23Closed (Winter Recess)Closed
1/2/2024School ReopensSAM Reopens
1/15/2024Closed (MLK, Jr. Day)Closed
1/16/2024Delayed Opening (Prof. Development)Extended AM Program (Glenwood kids)
2/5/2024Delayed Opening (Prof. Development)Extended AM Program (Glenwood kids)
2/19/2024Closed (Midwinter Recess)Closed
2/20/2024Closed (Midwinter Recess)Full Day Trip/Program
2/21/2024Closed (Midwinter Recess)Full Day Trip/Program
2/22/2024Closed (Midwinter Recess)Full Day Trip/Program
2/23/2024Closed (Midwinter Recess)Closed
3/4/2024Delayed Opening (Prof. Development)Extended AM Program (Glenwood kids)
4/8/2024Closed (Spring Recess)Closed
4/9/2024Closed (Spring Recess)Full Day Trip/Program
4/10/2024Closed (Spring Recess)Full Day Trip/Program
4/11/2024Closed (Spring Recess)Full Day Trip/Program
4/12/2024Closed (Spring Recess)Closed
4/16/2024Early Dismissal (K-5 only)Half Day Program (K-5)
4/17/2024Early Dismissal (K-5 only)Half Day Program (K-5)
4/18/2024Early Dismissal (K-5 only)Half Day Program (K-5)
5/27/2024Closed (Memorial Day)Closed
6/3/2024Delayed Opening (Prof. Development)Extended AM Program (Glenwood kids)
6/18/2024Early DismissalHalf Day Program
6/19/2024Early DismissalHalf Day Program
6/20/2024Early Dismissal/ Last DayHalf Day Program

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