PM Program

SAM-PM After School Child Care Program @ Glenwood Elementary School

Open to All Millburn Township
School Students K-8


SAM PM Policies and Procedures


Children may be registered for any number of days per week, or per month, or for occasional periods or days during the year. Attendance may be discontinued and restarted during the year as needed.


Visit SAM any afternoon. Your children can join in the activities, and we will answer your questions. Please contact us to make an appointment. You can also request that your child attend SAM for one full session as a guest.


Click here to register online.

If you prefer to register by mail, download and complete the following forms: (1) After School Registration (2) Student Information, (3) Transportation Authorization, (4) General Field Trip Permission, (5) State Information to Parents Receipt and (6) Monthly Invoice and include appropriate payment to “SAM Inc”. Children can be enrolled at any time during the year. You may discontinue use of SAM, at any time, effective at the end of the given month. Click here to get the paper forms to register your child for the PM program.

Days and Hours of Operation

Regular Days

SAM offers after school care on all full school days from the first day of school through the last day of school. SAM runs from the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m. Special arrangements can be made for extra time if needed, at a small additional cost. Transportation to SAM is provided by school bus.

Early Dismissal Days (Half Days)

SAM  runs lunch and fun programs on Early Dismissal days, from the end of the school day (before lunch) until 6:00 p.m. Transportation to SAM is provided by school bus.

Vacation Days

SAM offers programs on certain school vacation days which are not generally adult work holidays. These programs run from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and are held at Bauer Center in Taylor Park

SAM is closed on national holidays, Winter Break week (Christmas through New Year), emergency school closings and during the summer.

Snow Days

Snow Days, Emergency Early Dismissal and Emergency School Closings: SAM is closed.


Select any number and choice of days a week. This will be your weekly schedule and commitment for the month. If your child is absent for any reason, you may reschedule that day at any other time during that month, but there is no refund or credit for absences. We will carry the same schedule through the months, unless you notify us of a change.

If you make or change your schedule after Monday morning, you must notify SAM and notify the school to adjust the transportation list.

Schedule Adjustments

You may add extra days any time during the month at your daily rate. If your basic child care needs change during the year, you may change your weekly schedule by the first of the month. There is no credit for mid-month schedule reduction.


There is no reduced rate, refund or credit for absences. Unused days may be rescheduled for any other days during the same month. Unused days may not be carried into the next month. Allowances for unusual circumstances must be discussed with the SAM Director before changes to the Invoice are made.



24 HOUR VOICE MAIL:  (973) 376-3434



**If your schedule change affects that very day, please call and leave a clear message, do not email, unless you do so before 10:00 AM.

Registration Fees – non-refundable

$150 per year per family ($125 if paid before August 21).

For families anticipating irregular attendance no more than 2 days a month, field trips only or babysitter backup, the registration fee is $100 for the family. Once you are registered, you may notify us of your child’s attendance even up until 2 PM of that day.

Monthly Attendance Fees

Monthly Fee for regular school days = (Number of scheduled days in the month) x (rate per day). The rate per day is based on the number of days a week for which your child is scheduled. There is a significant discount per day for the second child.

# days/wk5 days/wk4 days/wk3 days/wk2 days/wk1 day/wk
Daily Price$32$34$36$38$40

Half Day and Vacation Day Fees
Half Day: $70 per child per day
Vacation Day: $125 per child per day.

See SAM Calendar for schedule of Half and Vacation Day Programs. The Half and Vacation Days will be indicated on your monthly invoice. You may sign-up for these days on the monthly Invoice or at SAM 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Cancellation deadline and cancellation fee will be noted on sign-up sheet. Payments are due in advance of the trip.

Fees include 5 1/2 hours (Half Days) and 10 hours (Vacation Days) child care, transportation, meals, snacks and activity costs. The fee covers every aspect of the trip, no need to send additional money.


Payment is due in advance of the month. You will receive your bill by the middle of the month before, and payment is due by the first of the month.The date will be noted on the Invoice.

Charges for extra days added during one month and credit will be reflected not the very next month’s Invoice, but the month after. Except for changing the weekly schedule, please do not alter the Invoice without discussion and permission. Indicate your question, or email Kristy, Accounts Manager at and we will make the adjustments on the next Invoice.

Late Payment

A $25 late fee will be added to the next bill for payment received significantly after the beginning of the month.  If you need a different payment schedule, ask to arrange one.

If payments are overdue for more than one month, arrangements must be made to catch up in order for your child to continue attending SAM.

Late Pick-up Fees

The program closes at 6:00 pm. Infrequent lateness of 5-10 minutes will be excused.

For late pick-up after 6:10, the fees are as follows, payable at the time, to the staff staying late with your child.

These charges are per family, not per child.
$5 for pick-up by 6:30 pm
$10 for pick-up between 6:30 –  6:45 pm
$15 for pick-up between 6:45 – 7:00 pm

In any case, do not be anxious if you are late. We will always be there until you arrive and your child will never be made to feel bad or worried. If you need extra time on an ongoing basis, please let us know so we may make arrangements.


SAM is designed to give all of the children a safe and happy afternoon with equal attention from the staff. Uncooperative or disruptive children or children who cannot or will not participate in the general activity may be asked to withdraw after consultation with the parents.

Parents must let SAM know of any special needs.

We can usually accommodate the child once we understand the situation.

Food Restrictions

A small meal is served everyday for snack. It is very popular because the children are quite hungry at that time of the day and the snack is well prepared and tasty. It consists of a fruit or vegetable, the main course (e.g. soup, pasta, yogurt, pizza bagels) and a dessert (e.g. cookie, pudding, applesauce) and water to drink.

Please note any food restrictions on the Registration and Student Information forms. Include a notation if you require a vegetarian or beef-free diet. Every effort will be made to accommodate medical or other food restrictions. We are almost always successful but SAM is not a controlled environment. If you have concerns or a potentially urgent medical situation, please speak directly to us to review the situation.

Special Needs

Please note any special needs your child may have; educational, medical, physical, language, emotional or interactive. This information does not affect the way we feel about your child. We use it to understand your child and to create the most optimal and happy environment for your child. If your child requires more supervision or help than we can offer with our normal staff, we can discuss the possibility and mechanism of providing the extra help your child may need.


SAM On-site Phone: (973) 376-3434
Use for all Attendance and Daily Messages (absences, extra days, exchanges, pick up, other requests). We listen to the messages at approximately 8:30 am, 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm every school day.

You may also click here and fill out a schedule change online.

Voicemail and the online schedule change form are the only 2 ways to make sure the message is received on time.

Information & Questions: (973) 376-3434 Jennifer Fischkoff, Director


Mailing Address: SAM, Inc. 9 Canoe Brook Road, Short Hills, NJ 07078

Questions or Concerns about your child attending SAM: Miss Jackie, On-site Program Director

Billing or Other Financial Questions: Kristy Purcell, Accounts Manager at


Click here to download the Policies & Procedures for the PM program.     Click to read online


Click here to get the paper forms to register your child for the PM program.

Click here to register your child for the AM and/or PM programs online.

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