Homework Help & Tutoring

Homework Tutoring

Homework is a hallmark of SAM. We believe in taking a parent’s role in ensuring that the child has understood the subject and has completed the assignment. Homework is conducted in a classroom with a small group of 10 – 12 children with 2 teachers. Much individual attention is given to make sure your child understands the assignment and can complete it. Our teachers explain the work, help your child and tutor on the subject as your child needs. We also have Early Homework for children leaving early or those that need extra time.



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What's New?

Welcome to our SAM Inc. web site. We hope you like it and come back often. We're working hard to make it as useful to you as possible.

We've prorated the registration fee for students joining the PM program for the rest or the year. The registration fee is normally $190 but is reduced to $115 at this point in the year.

We've just added a photo gallery! It shows our Arts & Crafts and our recent trips and events. We'll be adding more to it shortly. Click here to check it out.

The trip brochures and listings for January and February are now posted. You can sign up for the trips on line.