The SAM Experience Video

Please see our new video about the SAM PM experience!

Looks best if viewed full screen. Click the icon on the lower right or turn your phone to the landscape position if viewing on a mobile phone.

We plan to add more videos over the course of the year produced by our staff and students.


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What's New?

Welcome to our SAM Inc. web site. We hope you like it and come back often. We're working hard to make it as useful to you as possible.

In cooperation with the School District and other advisories, SAM will be closed when school is closed.

We've prorated the registration fee for students joining the AM, PM and drop-in programs for the rest or the academic year. The PM registration fee is reduced to $75 and the AM fee is reduced to $25 for the rest of the academic year. The registration fee for drop-in students is now $50 for the rest of the academic year. Please use the online registration to see these prorated fees.

We've just added a photo gallery! It shows our Arts & Crafts and our recent trips and events. We'll be adding more to it shortly. Click here to check it out.