The SAM Experience Video

Please see our new video about the SAM PM experience!

Looks best if viewed full screen. Click the icon on the lower right or turn your phone to the landscape position if viewing on a mobile phone.

We plan to add more videos over the course of the year produced by our staff and students.


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What's New?

Welcome to our SAM Inc. web site. We hope you like it and come back often. We're working hard to make it as useful to you as possible.

We're proud of our first SAM YouTube video! Please click the yellow button on the left to see it.

The trips brochure and listings for November are now posted. You can sign up for the trips on line.

Please be sure to join us for 2 special Halloween events. On October 24 from 5 to 6:15 PM, we'll be having our ever popular piñata party. Parents are welcome to join in and take a swing at the piñata! On October 31, we'll be Trick-or-Treating in the neighborhood.

If you have 2 children in SAM and need to do a schedule change for both, you can now put both names in one submission and no longer have to send in 2 change forms.