Lunch at Olive Garden and Swim at Town Pool

Great way to kick off the summer!

All children will take a swim test given by pool lifeguards. Those that cannot swim can play along the wall at the pool entrance area and wading pool. We will have lots of staff supervision. Please send suit, towel and flip-flops. We will supply and apply sunscreen. Also, please send Pool Pass if you have one.  REMEMBER: Bathing suit, towel & flip-flops!

Pick up at the pool at 6:30pm.

Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ

An exciting and very popular trip. We will go to the amusement park, which is organized and very manageable, with an excellent area for younger children. There are rides for all tastes. Height restrictions are imposed for the “thrill” rides, so younger/smaller children would not be permitted. We will travel with enough staff to have small groups of one adult for about 4 children.

Funplex, East Hanover

We will have lunch at The Office Restaurant and then enjoy Foam Frenzy, Bumper Cars, rides, games and prizes at the ever-popular Funplex.

K-5 Parent Teacher Conference

We will stay at Glenwood and bring the activities to us! Gather at Glenwood. Bring in lunch from Wendy’s and eat picnic-style. Teachers and supplies will come from Snapology for a 2 hour workshop on creative building and robotics using Legos. This should be an excellent class. In any spare time, we will have our own fun and games and prizes.

Pickup at 6 PM at Glenwood School